Jorja's First SWIM!

I've been dying to take Jorja to the pool because I knew she would love it... and she did!! Here's some fun pics from our day at the pool on Memorial Day! We brought "Tommy the Turtle" with us and she loved him. He kept her safe and shaded! She really loved it when I would spin him around and around and push him fast! She definitely didn't want to leave the water but after a while she would start laying her head down on the front of the turtle and start sucking her thumb. After about the 3rd time of her doing that I realized all good things must come to an end - it was nap time! Enjoy the pics and the video of her first time in the pool! Bring on the Summer-O-Fun! 

Mom & Jorja creepin in the water
Now we got the hang of it - just cool chillin! 
We are SO cool in our shades! (although Jorja wouldn't wear hers for more than 2 seconds)
SO happy!
She has no idea what a treat her mom really is! :) 
Worn out and ready for a nap. 


Jenn said...

So much fun! Can't wait to take the babies swimming when you come to visit!!