Fun in the Sun

Jorja absolutely loves the outdoors and I am getting SO excited thinking about all the fun we are going to have playing in the sun this summer. She absolutely LOVES being in the water as well so I know we are going to love splashing in the pool together ALL summer long. Huh?! Maybe this no working stuff IS all it's cracked up to be. :) Although, I am definitely gonna have to stock up on the spf as my sweet girl inherited her pale skin from both her momma and daddy! Oh dear! Anyway, here are some pics of us getting our start on our Fun in the Sun! 

Trying on our shades before heading outdoors:


Nannie and Papa Huey put a swing in their backyard especially for Jorja so of course we jumped at the chance to go try it out. It was a hit for sure! She even stayed in it long enough to fall asleep! too cute! 

Nannie and Jorja playing in the fountain and - you guessed it - Jorja trying to walk.

Nannie, Papa Huey and the grandkids all swing together. And, I feel a little bad that I don't have a whole blog dedicated to my sweet puppy (our first child), Fezzik so here's a little tribute to him as well! Isn't he so cute?? 

Often Jorja, Fezzik and I (and on weekends, Shane) will go for a walk together around the neighborhood. I will try to navigate the stroller while also holding on Fezzik's leash and Jorja will just talk up a storm as I try to point out all of God's creation to her. But one day, while we were taking our stroll, Jorja decided SHE wanted to be the one to "walk" Fezzik and now she will have it no other way! If that leash even starts to come out of her hand she will start crying immediately. It really is too cute. And don't kid yourself, she keeps Fezzik on a tight leash! Oh the "sibling" rivalry has begun! :) 


Mema said...

Love the pics!. The swing is great, but I especially love the dance toy and the sunglasses!. She's beautiful! Glad you are having so much fun at home with her! It is a real blessing and one you will never regret! Keep blogging and taking those pics! Love you guys!

Jenn said...

Looks like so much fun! We will definitely have to get a swing for the back yard! Are you taking notes Memaw?

Leah said...

She is a doll! Love the shades Miss Jorja.