My Little Turkey!

Okay - So I know I seem to be running about a month behind on my blogs and I apologize! I honestly don't see how these "super moms" keep up with posting everyday. I have NO time but, really want to find the time and make this a priority... until I can get my act together you will just have to find things out a little late! Sorry! :(

This year we decided to take a little road trip for Thanksgiving and went to Abilene to spend the holiday with Lolly & Pop (Shane's dad and step-mom). This was our very first Thanksgiving with them so I had HIGH hopes and expectations and while they were amazing and gracious hosts and welcomed us with loving and open arms... the trip wasn't quite what I was hoping and praying for. Because Lolly & Pop live about 3 1/2 hours away they don't get to see Jorja near as much as everyone would like and this was the first time for Jorja to go to their house for a visit so I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted them to see how wonderful, fun, well-behaved, and well rested Jorja really and normally is... and unfortunately, we may have to wait for another time for them to see the "normal" side of Jorja. Now, I am probably making it sound worse than it really was because, honestly, while Jorja was {SUPPOSED} to be awake she was WONDERFUL! I had worked with her for WEEKS on their names - showing her pictures of them almost every day and teaching her who they were and she was great about recognizing them. She called them "Pop" and "Lulluhlul" (I'm sure it was Lolly - but her "L" sounds seems to run together and sound a bit Chinese! :) She even called their dog by name "Schcout" (Scout)!! She LOVED to watch Pop throw the dummy bird (they have a championship Yellow Lab that hunts) at Scout and would even try to help Pop throw it to him. She laughed and charmed her way right into the hearts of Lolly's family that was there to visit as well. She couldn't have been better... when she was {SUPPOSED} to be awake! However, when it came time for nap time and bed time I apparently did not give my {normally AMAZING} sleeper near enough Turkey full of tryptophan!! I honestly haven't had to deal with her not sleeping like that since she was literally weeks old. She was up until 4:30am and WOULD NOT take any naps... needless to say, after the first night and day of her (or anyone else) having NO sleep she wasn't quite as charming as normal. We, despite everything in me that wanted to believe she would get better, decided to cut our trip short and go ahead and come home. We arrived at the house just in time for dinner - grabbed a quick bite, put Jorja to bed at 8:00pm - we ourselves jumped into bed and were both asleep by 8:30pm and NO ONE woke up before 8:00am the next day! We were EXHAUSTED!! I am still upset about how things turned out as I wanted so badly for Jorja to show her Lolly & Pop just how much she loves them and how wonderful she can be. While I know there probably isn't a single grandparent out there who doesn't think the world of their grandkids - I still wanted their perception of her and their reality with her to be one and the same... oh, well - I'll get over it and there will be many other holiday's and gatherings to make up for our first sleepless Thanksgiving, right?

On a side note - before Thanksgiving we had a playdate to make Turkey handprint shirts and while I discovered (although I already knew it - so maybe I confirmed it even further) that I have VERY little creative and artistic ability, I think the shirts and hand towels (for all the grandparents) turned out SO stinkin cute. Obviously, since I was a wreck trying to make sure Jorja was on her best behavior at Thanksgiving - I didn't get any pictures from our trip!! uggh! Although, I know others did so when I can get them - I'll post... until then here are a few pics I took of Jorja in her "Little Turkey" shirt... boy, I shouldn't have been so quick to call her a "little turkey" as she definitely proved to be just that on Thanksgiving! HA!


Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Jorja Mae's in the Tub!

I actually stole this idea from one of the blogs I stalk because I've learned from the blogging world that I am SO not a creative mom AT ALL! It has become apparent to me that if you have ever been an elementary school teacher you are the best mom ever!! And, since all I've ever done is hang out with teenagers and sold tickets - I have to try to become the best mom ever by stealing ideas from others! HA! :)

Jorja absolutely L-O-V-E-S bath time - the second she hears the water start running she immediately starts yelling "baf" over and over and will laugh and get SO excited!! So when I heard this idea I couldn't pass it up as I knew Jorja would love it! We bought some really cool Color Bath Dots from Crayola and some Alphabet letters and bath toys and had a great time learning our colors. I only put toys in the bath that matched the color of the water and we spent the whole bath time talking about & learning whatever color Jorja was splashing around in. We are still working on Jorja totally identifying the right color as she says the right name (at this point, it seems everything is either red or blue) but she's getting there. At this point, the only one she's really consistent with in identifying correctly is "Boo" (Blue). When asked to repeat she will say "red", "gree", "lello", "pupl" & "boo" however, orange is still no where to be heard! :) I love watching my sweet Jorja try to figure things out and learn new concepts! She is such a little smarty and I have no doubt after many more nights of bathing in color she will know them all by sight and name!!

~ ROY G. BIV ~