A LOT of new posts...

Sorry - I haven't posted in a few weeks but, that didn't mean my picture taking and Jorja's new adventures ceased. :) So, keep scrolling down to where you left off last. I'd hate for you to miss out on anything! I know you've all been on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what Jorja has been up to lately! heehee. 

10 Months Old!!

I can hardly believe Jorja is already 10 months old. Where on earth is the time going? She is just the best thing that has ever happened to Shane and me. She is extremely happy and laughs all the time. She is so sweet and loving natured. She is just like her Momma in the fact that she is SUPER sensitive and already empathetic to others. If I even look at her w/ a look of disappointment or anger or if she sees someone else hurting and crying she will immediately BURST into tears. And those CHEEKS are just to die for! She LOVES to eat, and loves to crawl all over mom and dad. She still loves "cruising" the couch but has begun to branch out by grabbing on to us and making us walk her around. (see video below) She is getting the hang of crawling a little bit better but still can't get fully up on all fours. She can pull herself up almost every time by herself and has even sat up by herself while laying on her belly. Her favorite thing to say is "whoa" but throws a lot of "mama" and "dada" in there too. She loves to clap and will do it almost instantly when you sing "if you're happy and you know it". She can wave hello or bye to you and can sign "all done". When she kisses you it is a full open mouth kiss with tongue and all. :) I dare anyone to be around her for more than a minute and not fall madly in love - 1 million dollars to the person who succeeds! :) I ache when I'm not with her and I glow when I am. She is everything I prayed for and more. What an incredible 10 months of my life this has been. 

Our monthly birthday pic. She's getting to where she loves to play with the poster board and won't pose with it if she can't touch it. I was lucky to get one happy pic with her next to the poster and the rest I got she was actually holding the poster. I actually think the one of her hiding behind it is awesome. She is too cute. 
Jorja has upgraded the car seat to a "big girl" seat. No more carrier - which is actually better for us since that thing weighed about 100lbs with her in it. :) I think she likes the new seat... makes her feel SO BIG! 
Everyday Jorja spends time playing in her play pen by herself and away from anyone. On this particular day I came to get her out and she was STANDING UP! She was so proud of herself, as you can see. 
My little Rock Star 

We introduced her to yogurt - messy but super yummy! 
This pic has no real significance except for I think she's cute in her little blue summer dress! :) 
I can't believe it but I think my little girl will be walking soon. 

Fun in the Crib

Lately I've begun to get into the habit of taking my camera into Jorja's room when I go to get her out of bed - I never know what I'm gonna get and it always seems to be a sight to see! Enjoy a few of my favs.

Yup - even after we lowered the bed, she has still found a way to pull herself up and stand. So far no injuries - praying we keep it that way! 
At first I just heard her laughing in the monitor so I thought I would let her stay and play a bit before I went and got her up... and then I heard music. I immediately went to see what was going on and found her playing with the mobil in the crib. Needless to say, the mobile did not go back up after this. 
This is one of my most favorite pics of her in her crib... A lot of the time as soon as she hears me open the door or I turn the light on she pulls up, rests her head on the bumper and looks at me through the crib slats. I often will drop to my knees and crawl over to her and peek at her through the slats as well and she will just laugh and put her hands through and try and grab my nose and touch my cheeks. We often look at and touch each other through the "jail bars" for a few minutes before I go and pick her up. It is so precious and simply awesome. I LOVE it!

Using the bumper as a pillow - like a big girl. 
Not sure what she was looking for but she must have fallen asleep before finding it! ha!
Just chillin while waiting for me to come get her out of bed. 
My precious Sleeping Angel. 


Jorja's First SWIM!

I've been dying to take Jorja to the pool because I knew she would love it... and she did!! Here's some fun pics from our day at the pool on Memorial Day! We brought "Tommy the Turtle" with us and she loved him. He kept her safe and shaded! She really loved it when I would spin him around and around and push him fast! She definitely didn't want to leave the water but after a while she would start laying her head down on the front of the turtle and start sucking her thumb. After about the 3rd time of her doing that I realized all good things must come to an end - it was nap time! Enjoy the pics and the video of her first time in the pool! Bring on the Summer-O-Fun! 

Mom & Jorja creepin in the water
Now we got the hang of it - just cool chillin! 
We are SO cool in our shades! (although Jorja wouldn't wear hers for more than 2 seconds)
SO happy!
She has no idea what a treat her mom really is! :) 
Worn out and ready for a nap. 

Our CRAZY family...

Sometimes just for fun we pull out the camera and... let the world see who we really are! :) I love, love, love that Jorja played along. She is going to be just as big of a ham as we are, I'm sure. Pure awesomeness! Don't judge us - just love us in spite of our craziness. :) 


My First Mother's Day

I really don't have the words to describe how amazing my first Mother's Day was... in fact, it wasn't a day at all it was an entire weekend. Shane showered me with UNBELIEVABLE gifts - a fun 80's t-shirt, a James Avery bookmark with a picture frame charm on the end with a picture of Jorja AND a necklace with many small diamonds on it made into a circle. It is BEAUTIFUL!! My weekend started out Friday afternoon when Shane got off work. We got a babysitter - aka Nannie - and he took me out to the movies (one of my favorite things to do and I have only been one time since Jorja was born) and to dinner at Mi Cocina. And to top off the night we came home and he made me one of my favorite desserts (yellow cake with chocolate icing) and we watched another movie (yes, I LOVE movies) :) On Saturday we spent the day with my mom and family. We took family portraits for most of the day, went to church and out to dinner. It was definitely a fun-filled and wonderful day celebrating the woman that inspires me to be the best mom I can be. My mom is full of laughter, creativity, brilliance, love, compassion, strength, kindness, patience, selflessness, encouragement, beauty and godliness. If I can be half the mother she has been to me Jorja will be so blessed! I love you Momma! On Sunday, I was able to (for the first time since Jorja has been born) SLEEP IN!!! You heard me. I got to sleep past 7:00am! WOO HOO! My amazing hubby got up and fed Jorja and played with her and let me get some sleep. Of course, it wasn't near as long as I wanted it to be because my hearing has become super sonic hearing since Jorja came into my life and I could hear her saying "mama, mama" out in the living room and I couldn't resist getting up. But, the fact that Shane let me attempt to sleep in was priceless for me. We spent most of the day  Sunday celebrating Shane's mom (Sandi). She came over and her and Shane went and hung out just the two of them for a bit then we went and drove around town and then to dinner. Shane's mom and I have a great relationship so it was great to spend the day celebrating her as well. I learn so much from her about being a mom as well - she is giving, sacrificial, selfless, caring, kind, organized, loving, intuitive, and gentle. She is a wonderful mom as well and I love her very much! While we were out and about  Sandi asked me what my one favorite thing about being a mom was - and there are so many things I could list out it seems impossible to narrow down to just one. I am sure I'm not the only mom in the world to think that my kid is the best kid in the world but, I also know I'm the only one who is actually right - except for maybe my own mom! ha! :) But, it is true. Jorja is simply wonderful. However, if I have to narrow down to just one thing - my favorite thing about being a mom (thus far) would have to be, hands down, breast feeding! Everyone else in the world can experience all the wonderful and amazing things about Jorja but NO ONE else but ME gets to have the joy and pleasure of being so close to her in this way. It is indescribable. Now, I know there are many moms out there reading this who would not say this is their favorite thing but I was VERY fortunate when it came to nursing. From the very first time Jorja latched on it was true love. It never hurt. It was never uncomfortable. It was just so natural and wonderful for both of us. I am really dreading the day I will have to begin to wean her - luckily I still have about 2 1/2 more months before I have to think about it. (sigh). I love the feeling of our skin touching. I love the way she clings on so tight while she nurses. I love how sweet her face looks while she moves in so close. I love how close to her I feel while doing it - not just physically but emotionally. I love to sing to her while I hold her so close and I love how sometimes that is the only thing that gets her to really calm down. I love how, for at least the first six months, I was the only thing keeping her alive and growing strong. I love the way she looks at me and smiles when she is finished - fully satisfied and so thankful for her momma. I love the bond we have with each other because of it. I love our bedtime feeding with the lights off and the praise and worship playing lightly in the background and watching her start to doze off to sleep while clinging so close - this is my favorite time of day. I love how perfect her little body fits into mine - as if we were made for each other to do this very thing. I am truly amazed by God's perfect design for moms to be able to care for their children in such a way. I don't know how my body is producing milk and I am truly baffled at God's brilliance but what a blessing to have such a special bond with Jorja that NO ONE else in the world will ever have with her but me! Thank you, Jesus for this indescribable gift of motherhood...I don't think I'm worthy enough to carry the title of "Mom". 

At the Portrait Studio - taken with our camera though...
Jorja and I playing around while we wait for our turn to take pics. 

Our Family Portrait
My wonderful (and a bit crazy) family!! We did take "normal" pictures but I think this truly sums up what my family is really like. I am blessed! 
Me & Jorja on Mother's Day - I believe her shirt says it all! :) 
I love hugs from my sweet girl. 
I can't forget my first child. Sweet Fezzik. 
Me and my babies! I am the luckiest girl in the world. 
(and I hope my blog wasn't TMI for some of you... or too long. I get a little long winded at times... but, hey, isn't that what blogs are for?) :) 


Fun in the Sun

Jorja absolutely loves the outdoors and I am getting SO excited thinking about all the fun we are going to have playing in the sun this summer. She absolutely LOVES being in the water as well so I know we are going to love splashing in the pool together ALL summer long. Huh?! Maybe this no working stuff IS all it's cracked up to be. :) Although, I am definitely gonna have to stock up on the spf as my sweet girl inherited her pale skin from both her momma and daddy! Oh dear! Anyway, here are some pics of us getting our start on our Fun in the Sun! 

Trying on our shades before heading outdoors:


Nannie and Papa Huey put a swing in their backyard especially for Jorja so of course we jumped at the chance to go try it out. It was a hit for sure! She even stayed in it long enough to fall asleep! too cute! 

Nannie and Jorja playing in the fountain and - you guessed it - Jorja trying to walk.

Nannie, Papa Huey and the grandkids all swing together. And, I feel a little bad that I don't have a whole blog dedicated to my sweet puppy (our first child), Fezzik so here's a little tribute to him as well! Isn't he so cute?? 

Often Jorja, Fezzik and I (and on weekends, Shane) will go for a walk together around the neighborhood. I will try to navigate the stroller while also holding on Fezzik's leash and Jorja will just talk up a storm as I try to point out all of God's creation to her. But one day, while we were taking our stroll, Jorja decided SHE wanted to be the one to "walk" Fezzik and now she will have it no other way! If that leash even starts to come out of her hand she will start crying immediately. It really is too cute. And don't kid yourself, she keeps Fezzik on a tight leash! Oh the "sibling" rivalry has begun! :)