Fun in the Crib

Lately I've begun to get into the habit of taking my camera into Jorja's room when I go to get her out of bed - I never know what I'm gonna get and it always seems to be a sight to see! Enjoy a few of my favs.

Yup - even after we lowered the bed, she has still found a way to pull herself up and stand. So far no injuries - praying we keep it that way! 
At first I just heard her laughing in the monitor so I thought I would let her stay and play a bit before I went and got her up... and then I heard music. I immediately went to see what was going on and found her playing with the mobil in the crib. Needless to say, the mobile did not go back up after this. 
This is one of my most favorite pics of her in her crib... A lot of the time as soon as she hears me open the door or I turn the light on she pulls up, rests her head on the bumper and looks at me through the crib slats. I often will drop to my knees and crawl over to her and peek at her through the slats as well and she will just laugh and put her hands through and try and grab my nose and touch my cheeks. We often look at and touch each other through the "jail bars" for a few minutes before I go and pick her up. It is so precious and simply awesome. I LOVE it!

Using the bumper as a pillow - like a big girl. 
Not sure what she was looking for but she must have fallen asleep before finding it! ha!
Just chillin while waiting for me to come get her out of bed. 
My precious Sleeping Angel.