Falling off the face of the earth??

OKAY. WOW! I absolutely can't believe I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. I'm such a blog slacker... especially in comparison to some of the blogs that I spend way too much of my time stalking! HA! Seriously, though - I have almost 20 different sub folders of pictures & blog ideas on my computer that I've set apart specifically for the blog but somehow, life is going way too fast and I haven't had ANY time to actually sit down and write about the awesome things Jorja and I are experiencing nor have I been able to post the million pictures that I've taken! AHH!! Trust me, I'm just as frustrated as you are about the whole thing. I do realize some of you out there are probably curling up in the fetal position under your kitchen table right about now - simply because you can't go another day without an update of that precious Jorja Mae! I know. It hurts. But trust me - in a few short days {hopefully} all your worries will disappear and you will begin to come out of that comatose state of depression you have found yourself in! Posts and Pictures are on their way... stay strong, my friends, stay strong.

And in order to keep you from the straight jacket a little while longer here's a few pics:

{Note: these are taken with my new Canon EOS Rebel XSi that Shane got me for Christmas. I.AM.IN.LOVE! - and thank you to one of my dearest and bestest friends Jenn for teaching me a few tricks of the trade, although I am still a MAJOR work in progress, you rock! Check her out at portraitsbyjenn.com}