10 Months Old!!

I can hardly believe Jorja is already 10 months old. Where on earth is the time going? She is just the best thing that has ever happened to Shane and me. She is extremely happy and laughs all the time. She is so sweet and loving natured. She is just like her Momma in the fact that she is SUPER sensitive and already empathetic to others. If I even look at her w/ a look of disappointment or anger or if she sees someone else hurting and crying she will immediately BURST into tears. And those CHEEKS are just to die for! She LOVES to eat, and loves to crawl all over mom and dad. She still loves "cruising" the couch but has begun to branch out by grabbing on to us and making us walk her around. (see video below) She is getting the hang of crawling a little bit better but still can't get fully up on all fours. She can pull herself up almost every time by herself and has even sat up by herself while laying on her belly. Her favorite thing to say is "whoa" but throws a lot of "mama" and "dada" in there too. She loves to clap and will do it almost instantly when you sing "if you're happy and you know it". She can wave hello or bye to you and can sign "all done". When she kisses you it is a full open mouth kiss with tongue and all. :) I dare anyone to be around her for more than a minute and not fall madly in love - 1 million dollars to the person who succeeds! :) I ache when I'm not with her and I glow when I am. She is everything I prayed for and more. What an incredible 10 months of my life this has been. 

Our monthly birthday pic. She's getting to where she loves to play with the poster board and won't pose with it if she can't touch it. I was lucky to get one happy pic with her next to the poster and the rest I got she was actually holding the poster. I actually think the one of her hiding behind it is awesome. She is too cute. 
Jorja has upgraded the car seat to a "big girl" seat. No more carrier - which is actually better for us since that thing weighed about 100lbs with her in it. :) I think she likes the new seat... makes her feel SO BIG! 
Everyday Jorja spends time playing in her play pen by herself and away from anyone. On this particular day I came to get her out and she was STANDING UP! She was so proud of herself, as you can see. 
My little Rock Star 

We introduced her to yogurt - messy but super yummy! 
This pic has no real significance except for I think she's cute in her little blue summer dress! :) 
I can't believe it but I think my little girl will be walking soon. 


Jenn said...

Time sure flies when you're having fun! Jorja may walk before Hadleigh! She won't let us walk like that with her! Although she did stand for a few seconds on her own! Jorja is just getting so big! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!