Horha, You give me fever!

So we just had a pretty eventful weekend and it all started when we went out to eat and Jorja was just not acting herself - which basically means she was a little fussy and wouldn't eat (and as you can see from her pictures, homegirl LOVES to eat and is so HAPPY) so we knew something was up. So I took her out of her highchair and held her and when I did she was BURNING up. Immediately Shane and I packed up all our belongings and headed home. When we got there we took Jorja's temp to discover she had a 103.1 temperature. YIKES! We, of course, freaked out. We called the after hours nurse line and she told us what to do for the night but suggested if Jorja still had a fever first thing in the morning we should go see the Dr. She was still running a temp of 102.7 so we took her in. While we were there one of the nurses came in to do a flu test and before she started she wanted to be sure to tell me a funny story... 

She asked me if I remember what happened the last time we took Jorja in to get her immunizations... see, the nurse that came in to give Jorja her shots was new to the practice so the Dr. thought it would be funny to play a joke on her. When she came in to administer the shots she said "so, how is little HORHA doing?" It actually took me a second to figure out what she was saying but once I got it I said "OH! No, it's Jorja" and she freaked out and said "oh my gosh, I'm going to kill him. Dr. Guetersloh told me it was Horha" and we kind of had an uncomfortable laugh and then she made my daughter scream her head off. Then when I was checking out Dr. G came up to me and was laughing so hard about the practical joke he had played on the nurse (and, of course, told me that's what I get for trying to be crazy with the spelling of my daughter's name. ha!)... so, as the nurse reminded me of this incident she proceeded to tell me that ever since that day they bring up the story at least once a day because whenever they have a patient in their office and they don't know how to pronounce their name it is the "inside joke" to call them Horha! She told me when the Dr. told her to "take a flu test for Jorja in room 6" that she looked at him and said "like you mean, Horha, Jorja?" and he said "yes" and then she said she got SO excited because she's been dying to meet the famous Horha Jones! HA! And then she proceeded to make my daughter scream her head off... 

I have actually had a lot of laughs about the first incident at the Dr.'s office but now that I know it is making Jorja legendary at the office... I think it is pure greatness! :) haha!! (and hopefully it doesn't lose anything to read this story... I wasn't real sure how to phonetically spell Horha nor was I sure I should phonetically spell Jorja as Georgia - so hopefully you got the gist!)

Oh, and just an FYI... our weekend actually ended up with us spending most of Sunday afternoon in the ER as Jorja had a temperature of 104.6! The diagnosis was bronchiolitis and the beginning of pneumonia. We also got to weigh her while we were there and she is now weighing in at a whoppin 22 lbs, 1 oz! whoa! :) She is still not 100% yet - she has thrown up a few times and still has a low grade fever BUT I can tell she is definitely getting better. She absolutely amazes me though because through it all she is still able to smile and laugh. I just adore her. Oh, and Shane thought I was CRAZY but I took pics of Jorja's first ER visit... 



Greatest thing EVER

I seriously have the happiest baby EVER! I am so blessed that this is my life and that I get to listen to this every day! Oh, and check out those two teeth at the bottom! My happy girl is growing up! 


Happy Easter!

You would think that having a daughter only 8 months old at Easter would not bring about much excitement especially since she can't even crawl... but, since I'm all about making the most of every occasion with Jorja I couldn't resist attempting to color eggs & hunt them and of course we made our visit to the Easter Bunny. I think our first Easter together was a blast! I REALLY can't wait until next year when she's more aware and can join in the fun even more. You know, I'm not real sure where the whole Easter Bunny and hunting eggs came from but it sure is fun! But, not NEAR as much fun as it is to celebrate the REAL reason for Easter - Jesus' death and resurrection. Hallelujah! 

Jorja posing with her Easter Basket in her adorable Bunny outfit from Lollie and Pop (still working out the grandparent name but I think its pretty cute)! 
Testing out the hard boiled egg before we dunked it in colored vinegar. 
We spent the day at my sister's house coloring eggs and hunting them. Here is Jorja with her cousins Harrison, Olivia & Evelyn and of course her Gigi! 
Playing with the plastic eggs
I think I had more fun than Jorja did since I was the one to color all of her eggs for her! :) But, I at least had to take her out of the high chair to at least try and help me with coloring... luckily it wasn't too disastrous. 
me & Jorja getting ready to head outside for The Hunt! 
We found one! 

The kiddos with their baskets full of eggs - (Jorja is making a silly face here) 

Me & Jorja getting ready to go to Church! Isn't she adorable in her new Easter Dress? We love the polka dots! 
The Fam after Church
Our sweet little family! Too bad Jorja wouldn't look at the camera - but, she's still adorable!


Jorja's first snow

Yup... I still seem to be playing catch up! Here's the pictures of Jorja's first snow on March 4th. Albeit, it was not much of a snow and I'm pretty sure about an hour after this picture the snow began to melt away! But, nonetheless Jorja and I went out there (me in my pjs) and got some cute pics of Jorja. 


Check out my Slide Show!


January = Month of Milestones

January proved to be a big month for Jorja. Not only did she turn 6 months old but she hit many milestones. What is amazing to me is how quickly things happen. If you blink your eyes sometimes you can miss the milestone. I had decided back in November that I wanted to be at home with Jorja full time but I was still working on a part-time (sort of) basis at WOF until they filled my position. However, in January was when it became very obvious that it was time for me to be at home with Jorja... when I almost missed her rolling over for the first time because I was at work, I knew I wasn't going to be able to work much longer and miss out on any milestones in her life. I feel SO blessed that I am able to be at home for all these little "firsts". 

Jorja sitting by herself for the very FIRST time! I had sat her up to play with her octopus but I was sitting behind her to hold her up and I let go and she just kept sitting there. I started FREAKING OUT - literally, you would have thought I was a cheerleader again I was clapping and screaming and laughing so hard. I quickly grabbed the camera sitting on the table next to me to capture these moments for the first time. 
She's not quite sure what to think about this whole sitting by herself thing...

Daddy feeding Jorja her very FIRST solid food - CEREAL! As you can see, Jorja was VERY excited about this new experience. 
Verdict is out... she LOVED it. 
Jorja rolling over. This isn't the VERY first time for her to do this but one of the first times for me to capture on video. And I was a little late in starting the video so she is already on her side when it starts but, you get the idea and she gets so excited about her accomplishment. She is the cutest and happiest girl EVER! 

Jorja's first plane ride to San Antonio to visit her friends Joey and Hadleigh Lankford (their mom Jennifer is one of my best friends ever). She actually did extremely well on the flights. We were a little nervous but since she pretty much ate the whole time she was super happy. The only "problem" we ran into was on the flight home. We had just introduced her to veggies (you will see below) and her tummy was upsetting her and towards the end of the flight she started to get pretty fussy and absolutely did NOT want to eat. But, we were afraid her ears were bothering her so we had no clue what to do... then, we realized she wasn't upset at her ears but she needed to poop and boy did she have to poop. oh my! She got all red faced and kept grunting until almost at the same time Shane and I went "whoa" as we smelt what the cause of the fussiness really was. The man sitting in front of us sat up and turned around to give us a look and all I could say was "I'm sorry, are you sitting downwind?" He didn't say a word just gave me "the look" and turned around. Luckily the plane landed quickly after, before everyone passed out from the smell! HA! 
Jorja eating her first veggies... peas...
yeah, she wasn't all that impressed with the peas...
so we gave her sweet potatoes and she LOVED those. Now, she eats anything and everything... I mean, have you seen her cheeks and belly? homegirl is not starving or picky! 
Daddy helping Jorja drink from her sippy cup. This is the first time she held it all by herself. 
Jorja's first time in the "big girl" tub. We had been bathing her in a smaller tub and once she learned to sit up on her own we thought we'd try her out in our tub - clearly she loved it - and daddy loved giving her a mohawk. :) I'm not kidding when I say she is the happiest and cutest baby ever. She is LOVING life so far! 

Celebrating the Holidays!

In another attempt to keep you in the loop of the last 7 months of Jorja's life I've decided to post one blog on all the holidays up to date... it's amazing how much more I love holidays now that I have a kid. She brings so much more excitement to the celebrations! 

My sister and I met up in Flower Mound at the Pumpkin Patch with our kids to celebrate the Fall Festivities. Here is Jorja with her cousins: Olivia (holding Jorja) Evelyn and Harrison. 
she still couldn't sit up very well so she's a little frumpy and not too sure she likes the pumpkins - this is the best picture I got of her that day... next year she'll enjoy it much more I'm sure. 
We don't celebrate halloween in our family so I won't call this her halloween costume. However, we do celebrate fall so, here is me and Jorja at our church's Fall Festival. She went as the most adorable chicken known to man. Seriously, we got stopped all night for people to make comments. Her cheeks were just perfect for that chicken head. 

Jorja's first Thanksgiving... she indirectly ate the huge turkey through her momma! :) 
We switch holidays between the families and this year we had Thanksgiving with my family so we also celebrated Christmas with them during Thanksgiving. Here  is Jorja and ALL her cousins... Evelyn, Joli, Harrison, Jenni, Olivia, Jamie, Jason & Jeremy. This is the annual PJ picture. Gigi (my mom) always buys the grandkids matching PJs for Christmas. 
Jorja's Stocking is bigger than she is... 
It is a tradition with my family for the kids to put on a play of the Christmas Story. This year Jorja played Jesus. :) 

Fezzik and Jorja went to visit Santa together. 
Jorja is already in love with Jesus! :)

Christmas Morning - first picture of the day before we opened presents. For a 5 month old Jorja sure was aware of the excitement of the day! 
Her Santa Outfit we bought her to wear on Christmas Day. 
Her Excersauser - which she LOVES! 
Jorja and about half of her loot... 
Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
My Valentine Glamour Girl. We took these pictures for Daddy's present. (Her shirt says "My heart belongs to Daddy")