January = Month of Milestones

January proved to be a big month for Jorja. Not only did she turn 6 months old but she hit many milestones. What is amazing to me is how quickly things happen. If you blink your eyes sometimes you can miss the milestone. I had decided back in November that I wanted to be at home with Jorja full time but I was still working on a part-time (sort of) basis at WOF until they filled my position. However, in January was when it became very obvious that it was time for me to be at home with Jorja... when I almost missed her rolling over for the first time because I was at work, I knew I wasn't going to be able to work much longer and miss out on any milestones in her life. I feel SO blessed that I am able to be at home for all these little "firsts". 

Jorja sitting by herself for the very FIRST time! I had sat her up to play with her octopus but I was sitting behind her to hold her up and I let go and she just kept sitting there. I started FREAKING OUT - literally, you would have thought I was a cheerleader again I was clapping and screaming and laughing so hard. I quickly grabbed the camera sitting on the table next to me to capture these moments for the first time. 
She's not quite sure what to think about this whole sitting by herself thing...

Daddy feeding Jorja her very FIRST solid food - CEREAL! As you can see, Jorja was VERY excited about this new experience. 
Verdict is out... she LOVED it. 
Jorja rolling over. This isn't the VERY first time for her to do this but one of the first times for me to capture on video. And I was a little late in starting the video so she is already on her side when it starts but, you get the idea and she gets so excited about her accomplishment. She is the cutest and happiest girl EVER! 

Jorja's first plane ride to San Antonio to visit her friends Joey and Hadleigh Lankford (their mom Jennifer is one of my best friends ever). She actually did extremely well on the flights. We were a little nervous but since she pretty much ate the whole time she was super happy. The only "problem" we ran into was on the flight home. We had just introduced her to veggies (you will see below) and her tummy was upsetting her and towards the end of the flight she started to get pretty fussy and absolutely did NOT want to eat. But, we were afraid her ears were bothering her so we had no clue what to do... then, we realized she wasn't upset at her ears but she needed to poop and boy did she have to poop. oh my! She got all red faced and kept grunting until almost at the same time Shane and I went "whoa" as we smelt what the cause of the fussiness really was. The man sitting in front of us sat up and turned around to give us a look and all I could say was "I'm sorry, are you sitting downwind?" He didn't say a word just gave me "the look" and turned around. Luckily the plane landed quickly after, before everyone passed out from the smell! HA! 
Jorja eating her first veggies... peas...
yeah, she wasn't all that impressed with the peas...
so we gave her sweet potatoes and she LOVED those. Now, she eats anything and everything... I mean, have you seen her cheeks and belly? homegirl is not starving or picky! 
Daddy helping Jorja drink from her sippy cup. This is the first time she held it all by herself. 
Jorja's first time in the "big girl" tub. We had been bathing her in a smaller tub and once she learned to sit up on her own we thought we'd try her out in our tub - clearly she loved it - and daddy loved giving her a mohawk. :) I'm not kidding when I say she is the happiest and cutest baby ever. She is LOVING life so far! 


Jenn said...

Well you sure showed me! Those high chairs look vaguely familiar! could you email me the pic of jorja and hadleigh and "Isaac" so I can post it on our blog? How's the remodeling coming?