Happy Easter!

You would think that having a daughter only 8 months old at Easter would not bring about much excitement especially since she can't even crawl... but, since I'm all about making the most of every occasion with Jorja I couldn't resist attempting to color eggs & hunt them and of course we made our visit to the Easter Bunny. I think our first Easter together was a blast! I REALLY can't wait until next year when she's more aware and can join in the fun even more. You know, I'm not real sure where the whole Easter Bunny and hunting eggs came from but it sure is fun! But, not NEAR as much fun as it is to celebrate the REAL reason for Easter - Jesus' death and resurrection. Hallelujah! 

Jorja posing with her Easter Basket in her adorable Bunny outfit from Lollie and Pop (still working out the grandparent name but I think its pretty cute)! 
Testing out the hard boiled egg before we dunked it in colored vinegar. 
We spent the day at my sister's house coloring eggs and hunting them. Here is Jorja with her cousins Harrison, Olivia & Evelyn and of course her Gigi! 
Playing with the plastic eggs
I think I had more fun than Jorja did since I was the one to color all of her eggs for her! :) But, I at least had to take her out of the high chair to at least try and help me with coloring... luckily it wasn't too disastrous. 
me & Jorja getting ready to head outside for The Hunt! 
We found one! 

The kiddos with their baskets full of eggs - (Jorja is making a silly face here) 

Me & Jorja getting ready to go to Church! Isn't she adorable in her new Easter Dress? We love the polka dots! 
The Fam after Church
Our sweet little family! Too bad Jorja wouldn't look at the camera - but, she's still adorable!


The Milfords: said...

Those are great. To quote Blair, "Jorja looks so adorable!!"

I have to say, I am a little jealous of your bunny. Ours is super creepy. Blair even said so two years ago and refuses to go back. At least Santa was cool.

Jenn said...

Sounds like fun! She is too cute and I LOVE the red/zebra outfit! What size is that? We might need to borrow it when Jorja is done! heeheehee!

K19 said...

Where oh where did you get her sweet little outfits? I think we have twin daughters- I am a ggod friend of Jenn's and she always makes a mention of this when we get our pics done! She's a cutie!!!