You be the Judge

Alright, people. I want to hear from you! :) You saw a "sneak peek" earlier of Jorja's portrait session with my friend Jennifer... now, you can see all of them here: Portraits by Jenn (at the bottom click the "enter site" picture - then click on "clients" at the bottom - password: jones. then click on "Jorja Easter" - although feel free to look at her others as well if you want). I am having a hard time picking which pictures I want (because, clearly, I want them ALL). So, take a look for yourself and let me know what YOUR faves are!

And just because I haven't posted a picture of my OWN in a while... here's a little sneak peek at one of the posts I'm working on...

Don't you just want to eat her up?! :)



Okay - so since I am RIDICULOUS and can't ever seem to post my OWN photos of Jorja... maybe this will suffice for those of you who have been bugging me for a month to POST SOMETHING NEW! :) My best friend, Jennifer {an AMAZING photographer, by the way} came and spent a few days with me and, of course, I put her to "work" while she was here and had her take some pics of Jorja in her Easter outfit. You can take a sneak peek here: Portraits by Jenn

You can also see, on Jenn's personal blog site, some really cute pics of her daughter, Hadleigh and Jorja playing together while they were here : The Lankford Family. As you can see, they are already Besties! :)

Trust me, I AM working on posts and even have some ready to publish! But for some reason I just keep thinking that I want to get ALL my posts done before I publish - which is apparently a ridiculous line of thinking since it will take me a decade to finish. {sigh} Jorja and I have been VERY busy and I have a TON to blog about... but finding the time has been difficult. Sorry friends. Updates ARE coming... and hopefully SOON! :)