Celebrating the Holidays!

In another attempt to keep you in the loop of the last 7 months of Jorja's life I've decided to post one blog on all the holidays up to date... it's amazing how much more I love holidays now that I have a kid. She brings so much more excitement to the celebrations! 

My sister and I met up in Flower Mound at the Pumpkin Patch with our kids to celebrate the Fall Festivities. Here is Jorja with her cousins: Olivia (holding Jorja) Evelyn and Harrison. 
she still couldn't sit up very well so she's a little frumpy and not too sure she likes the pumpkins - this is the best picture I got of her that day... next year she'll enjoy it much more I'm sure. 
We don't celebrate halloween in our family so I won't call this her halloween costume. However, we do celebrate fall so, here is me and Jorja at our church's Fall Festival. She went as the most adorable chicken known to man. Seriously, we got stopped all night for people to make comments. Her cheeks were just perfect for that chicken head. 

Jorja's first Thanksgiving... she indirectly ate the huge turkey through her momma! :) 
We switch holidays between the families and this year we had Thanksgiving with my family so we also celebrated Christmas with them during Thanksgiving. Here  is Jorja and ALL her cousins... Evelyn, Joli, Harrison, Jenni, Olivia, Jamie, Jason & Jeremy. This is the annual PJ picture. Gigi (my mom) always buys the grandkids matching PJs for Christmas. 
Jorja's Stocking is bigger than she is... 
It is a tradition with my family for the kids to put on a play of the Christmas Story. This year Jorja played Jesus. :) 

Fezzik and Jorja went to visit Santa together. 
Jorja is already in love with Jesus! :)

Christmas Morning - first picture of the day before we opened presents. For a 5 month old Jorja sure was aware of the excitement of the day! 
Her Santa Outfit we bought her to wear on Christmas Day. 
Her Excersauser - which she LOVES! 
Jorja and about half of her loot... 
Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
My Valentine Glamour Girl. We took these pictures for Daddy's present. (Her shirt says "My heart belongs to Daddy")


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That was an insane amount of pictures, but I loved it! I could almost make a flip book!