One Year Check Up and a Big Surprise!!

Sorry I am just now getting all of the One Year pics and information up... there are about 4 blogs down below - enjoy! :)

Jorja had her one year check up on Aug. 1st. She got a great report from the Dr. He gave her an A+ and said she was very healthy. She is "off the charts" for her weight, height and head measurements. I always knew my little girl would be an over achiever! :) She weighed in at a whoppin 26lbs, 6 oz and is 31.3 inches tall. She actually grew 4 inches and gained almost 4 lbs since her 9mo check up. WHOA! The Dr. said if she keeps this up she'll be bigger and taller than me and Shane combined! ha! She did get 3 shots but handled them very well. I am so thankful to God everyday for making my sweet girl so healthy! What a blessing.

When we got home that day I guess something just sparked in Jorja. I guess she realized after her check up she was a big girl and could start doing big girl things. So that day she up and decided she was going to walk! That's right - my little baby is now WALKING. My goal was to have her walking by the time her birthday party rolled around - she, of course, decided she would wait almost exactly a week just to show me she can do things her own way on her own time. Oh well - it's been so fun to watch her learn that I don't really care when she did it. It is awesome. She does it more and more each day as she begins building up her confidence. It won't be much longer before she decides walking will be her mode of transportation over crawling. Oh my! Someone remind me again why I was in such a hurry for this to happen? :) Oh, well - maybe chasing her around will help me lose those last few baby pounds! ha!

There is a video of her walking at the bottom of the blog and here are some pics from her Dr. visit.

Jorja needed a little snack before she got her shots - he we are posing with the cheerios!

Sweet girl playing on the table/bed looking at the painting on the wall
Jorja reading up on what vaccines she was going to get that day!
me & my sweet ONE YEAR OLD!


Jenn said...

Way to go Jorja!!

The Milfords: said...

Yeah!! I cannot believe she is walking!! Oh how sweet she is!

Leah said...

She walks soooo well!!! I am super impressed. What a cutie.

The Durham's said...

Congratulations on the BIG achievement, Jorja!! I loved all the pics...she is adorable:) Looks like you guys have had an eventful couple of weeks:) Hope to get together soon...things are slowing down for us this month, so let me know what works for ya:) Bless you guys!

Kristen said...

I just love that kid! She is precious! I can't believe she is already one! Where has the time gone?

I thought the big surprise might be that you found out #2 is on the way. I think walking is a better surprise for now! Ha!!!

Kya Karis said...

YAY JORJA!!!!! Super Cutie!