Jorja Mae turns ONE!!!

I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by. I think this could have been one of the fastest years of my life and yet I was so hoping this would be the slowest year so I could savor every moment and relish every minute with my sweet girl. Her 1st birthday was so much fun. I wanted to start a tradition that would be special between just the two of us and had a hard time trying to figure out what that would be exactly. The night before her Big Day I was laying in bed still trying to put my finger on what tradition I could start when it hit me! Breakfast! I decided every year on Jorja's birthday, I would wake her up and just the two of us would go and have a special birthday breakfast! So, I woke Jorja up around 8:00a, changed her into her new "Little Miss Birthday" shirt and we headed to Le Peep for Funny Face Pancakes! I brought her "1" candle and some matches and put the candle in the pancakes and I sang to her very quietly (luckily it wasn't very busy or I might have cleared out the place) :) Jorja seemed to enjoy the pancakes okay - she enjoyed the parts without the whip cream the best - go figure! We came home and played for a bit and then Jorja took a long nap! Then we met Gigi (my mom) for lunch at Celebrity Cafe! It was such a fun treat to see Gigi. She brought presents and bought Jorja a bday cookie. It was so much fun! That night when Daddy came home we decided to take Jorja to her favorite place for dinner - or is it our favorite place?? Anyway, we took her to Chick-fil-A! Jorja can eat a full 4 piece kids meal there so we figure she enjoys it enough to make it part of her birthday celebration! Shane made her vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing for dessert and we brought one along for her to enjoy while at the restaurant. She wasn't too sure about it at first but I think she warmed up to it eventually. I just think the icing really throws her off because she doesn't like her hands to get too dirty... she's a little princess! :) After dinner we took her home for a fun soak in the tub and off to bed! I had a blast on her 1st birthday, and let's be honest - isn't that what really matters since I'm the one who will remember it? :)

Our last and final birthday month picture!

Funny Face Pancakes!!
Me & Jorja with full bellies leaving Le Peep - I think this is going to be a fun tradition!
Jorja excited about her gifts at lunch
Gigi, Jorja & Me
Best pic I could get of Jorja with her cupcake
Diving in to the cupcake - YUMMY!
Self-portrait of the fam
Daddy & Jorja outside Chick-fil-A
Fun in the Tub!