My Happy, Hungry & Healthy girl is BACK!!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Jorja, called or emailed to check in and sent encouragement while she was sick. You guys are the best friends and family anyone could ask for! Jorja is doing MUCH, MUCH better. In fact, you would never know a week ago she was so sick. She is almost done with antibiotics and her knot is almost completely gone. Praise Jesus! She is back to her happy, hungry, healthy self and I love it!! Here are a few random pics from the week. Enjoy!

eating very messy ravioli.

Playing with the fireman's hat from Firehouse Subs. She LOVES that hat. We had it about an hour and it was already starting to break. Guess we'll have to go back and get a few more! :)

This week I've been going through Jorja's closet and drawers and packing up all her baby clothes (sniff, sniff) and I found her Fall Festival Outfit - THE CHICKEN!! I couldn't resist trying it on one last time before putting it away in storage. She is still pretty stinkin adorable - even though it was WAY too small. Hilarious!!


Leighanne said...

I don't know if I should feel left out or what! I have been without a computer since last saturday practically! Didn't even know she was sick!

Jenn said...

oops sorry...posted that from leighanne's computer!

Anonymous said...

She might have out grown her chicken costume, but she is still the cutest chick I know.