A trip to Gigi and Papa's!!

Last week I went to visit my mom and dad for a few days. They live on a lake so I thought it would be fun for Jorja to visit her Gigi and Papa and have some fun on the lake. It was pretty windy the day we went so we didn't stay out there long. At first the water was VERY cold so Jorja was not happy about being there but she quickly warmed up to the water and had a great time playing with Gigi and her Momma. When we were done playing in the water she sat on the beach and played for a bit in the sand. It was her first time to really get down and dirty. She wasn't sure what to think of the sand at first. And, of course, the first thing she did was try and eat it! Silly girl! But, overall I think she really enjoyed it a lot. My mom and dad also have a trampoline in their backyard so I took Jorja and Fezzik out there and we lightly bounced. She really enjoyed trying to crawl around on the wobbly thing and when I'd stand her up and bounce she just laughed. It was so fun! We had a such good time hanging with Gigi and Papa and look forward to spending many more days there this summer jumping on the trampoline, getting dirty in the sand and swimming in the lake!! 

Hanging out on the trampoline! 
Our trip to the lake: 

Gigi also made Jorja her first pancakes. It was made extra special with a lot of love and Jorja loved it! :) 
Gigi and Jorja - all tuckered out from an eventful few days! 


Jenn said...

looks like so much fun! look at those curls on her head! So cute!

Leah said...

She looks like Shane in a little polka dot bikini! (not that i have seen shane in a bathing suit) I can't wait to meet her! Jack is kissing on some girls at his school so tell her to get ready-she may be his next victim!