Photo Shoot w/ Jenn at Studio G Photography

My friend Jennifer is a WONDERFUL photographer in Kerrville and while Jorja and I were visiting her we did a few photo shoots with myself and Jorja. We actually took pictures for Jorja's First Birthday (even though it's not for another month) because we wanted to have some pics to put on our invitation to her Birthday Party! We also took some other pics with Jorja outside and a few with mommy!!! I think the pics turned out FANTASTIC! If you are any where near Kerrville and need your picture taken you better call Studio G... and I think Jenn will travel if you are are at least in Texas! :) Thanks, Jenn for a WONDERFUL time with you and your kiddos and for enduring THREE photo shoots with me and Jorja to capture the best pics. You are an amazing photographer and an even more amazing friend. I love you!

My sweet (almost) birthday girl - I can't believe she's almost ONE! AHH!!
Jorja wan't too fond of the cake at first...
But she eventually warmed up to it!
One of my favorite pics from this session. She is just so captivated by the piece of cake on the floor. TOO CUTE!
Front of the Birthday Party Invitation - a little highlight of some of my favorite pics! I LOVE IT!!


MKP said...

Hey guys its' the Kriegers.
Jorja Mae is precious!!! Love the pics.
She has to be a lot of fun and a handful.
We will have to get together and swap funny stories and talk about the future trip(s) to Crestone Mtn. ha ha

Leah said...

she is adorable! the cake pics are priceless!

The Milfords: said...

I love the picture of the two of you! I need to get June's pics done. I need to get a family pic done. Man. I'm a slacker!

Kya Karis said...

These turned out SO beautiful!!! I can't believe she's almost one. Are you ready for that? She's just cute as can be.