Dad's Spaghetti

I can't believe Jorja is actually big enough to eat the same things we eat! We've been very nervous about introducing her to table foods - mainly because I think we are in complete denial about how old and big she is... I want her to stay that little baby that only gets nutrients from her momma! But, I can't always have want I want I guess! :) Anyway, one night Shane was cooking dinner and decided to make spaghetti (one of my absolute favorites of his, by the way) because we happened to have some spiral pasta already cooked and Shane thought she might be able to eat it. So Shane tossed a few of those noodles in the sauce and put it on Jorja's tray to see if she would even eat it and well... the pictures speak for themselves. SHE LOVED IT! She couldn't get enough... we almost didn't have enough to share between the three of us. Her entire face and hands were completely orange by the time she finished. It was awesome. It was the first real "big girl" meal she had ever had and Daddy made it for her. It melted Shane's heart to know she loved what he made especially for her. It's a good thing she loves food so much cause her Daddy is the best chef around! :) 


The Milfords: said...

This is also one of June's favorites! Looks like you have an eater on your hands!