9 months old

I can hardly believe it but my "little" girl is now 9 months old. Time is flying by WAY too quickly - I am barely able to cherish all the moments I have with her because they go by so fast. AHH! We went to the Dr. for her 9 mo check up and she is weighing in at a whoppin 23lbs, 12 oz. YIKES! The Dr. said she was "off the charts" at over 100% for her age group. What can I say? I produce straight cream and she LOVES her fruits and veggies. I'll take a good eater and chunky baby any day of the week vs the alternative! :) She hasn't grown in height all that much since our last check up. She is 27 & 3/4 inches tall which dropped her from 97% to 75% for her height... which is still pretty great! She passed all of her "skills" tests - even though she isn't crawling the Dr. said she is completely healthy and on target in her development. He said that belly of hers is probably a pretty big hinderance to her crawling but she'll get there! HA! However, she has started to pull up on things so she can do her new favorite thing - STAND! She loves standing up and she's even starting to "cruise" while holding on to the couch. If we put a toy at one end of the couch and place her standing at the other eventually (with a few falls in between) she will work her way to get the toy and when she does you would think she won the lottery. We both starts screaming and clapping and laughing - it is just so fun! I absolutely LOVE getting to watch her discover and experience new things! The Dr. also told us we need to start introducing her to "table foods" but I'm pretty nervous about how to go about doing that. I mean, what do I give her? How much do I give her? Do I let her feed herself or do I still have to spoon feed her myself or is it a mixture? Can she really eat the same food Shane and I eat? She only has 4 teeth for crying out loud - what can she possibly eat? So... for those moms out there who have gone before me in this area any advice and help is MUCH appreciated. :) 

Our monthly birthday picture. You can't see all of the poster because I had to put it about 3 feet behind her because she kept trying to grab it and play with it and that was making it very difficult to get any pictures! 

Standing on the couch and so excited she got the rooster! 

closest we are getting to her crawling... which in reality, isn't very close. 

After her failed attempts to crawl she just wanted to stand and play with her new "dance" toy! 


Leah said...

Jack started with those "puffs" that he could pick up and they dissolve in their mouths. Then we went to cheerios,baby cheese puffs that also dissolve, soft little pieces of carrots, peas etc. that he could eat with four teeth. I recommend the puffs for her first "table" food because they can't really choke on them. Anything that gets kind of mushy will work. Hope that this helps! She is getting so big...I won't tell you how much Jack weighed last night at the ER. I can't get him to gain weight. We are still wearing our shorts from last summer....love yall and cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

The Bradley Fam said...

Hi, friend! Happy monthday! Mommy got my bunny ears in the Dollar Spot at Target in February. Miss you! Love, Anna Claire

The Milfords: said...

She is so cute!! We need to get her and June Bug together, though she outweighs June by 4 pounds! :)

We did the puffs and the Cheerios, then quickly moved to frozen veggies. You can get the bag of peas and carrots for like $1 and they are already cut in these perfect little sizes. You can boil them a little bit longer than instructed to make them a little mushier. June still loves these. She ate veggies and bananas for a long time before we started other stuff.

Like your other friends said, anything mushy (mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, refried beans...). You will be surprised by how much she can eat with those 4 teeth and how much she can mush with those gums of hers.

Mema said...

She's growing so fast ... she will for sure be walking by the time I see her again! Can't wait! What a personality ... just like her momma :) Be sure to catch those funny faces she will make each time she is introduced to something new ... taste and textures just seem to bring out the cutest faces! Anything you can put in a blender and much up, she can eat ... how's that for an easy solution???? Love you guys, hugs and kisses to all of you!