Family Portraits by Studio G Photography

I have been meaning to post these for FOREVER (sorry Jenn). Back in January Shane and I took a trip to San Antonio to visit one of my best friends in the world - Jennifer Lankford and her husband Erik and their foster (soon to be adopted - wink,wink) children, Hadleigh and Isaac. We had such a great time hanging out with them but one of the "perks" of visiting with them is that Jennifer is a professional photographer. I love having talented friends! :) After taking Jorja to the studio SEVERAL times for family portraits and walking out with ZERO pictures, I called up Jenn and told her - we MUST come see you and have you take pics of us because Jorja is just not feeling the studios in Dallas! :) And while we had quite a difficult time getting Jorja to cooperate for the pictures (she wouldn't smile and had many tears) - Jenn, and all her amazing talent, captured some of my MOST favorite pics of Jorja EVER! I couldn't be more happy with how these pictures turned out. Jenn - you are truly amazing! Everyone please check out their blog to the right - Studio G Photography!!! 

My little porcelain doll - I love this picture!
Daddy's Girl!

This is probably one of my favorites too simply because it SO sums up our lives... me and Shane trying to be calm, cool, collected... Jorja absolutely not paying attention to us and in her own world playing with her dress. This is our lives on so many different levels. Oh the comedy! 
So in love... BEST 7 years of my life! 
These next pictures are what we had Jenn take for Valentines Day. I really can't pick a favorite because they are ALL so awesome!! She is just TOO  cute. 
I am so in love with her... and her arm rolls... :) 
Oh, those cheeks... and you can't tell because the picture is a bit small on here but her eyes in this picture are AMAZING. So blue and beautiful. 
Umm... Jorja - your prince has already come, his name is DADDY!
Well, I know you have a hard time believing this looking at all these pictures (again, Jenn did an amazing job) BUT Jorja was quite the fussy pants during the photo shoot. We were trying to get 4 pictures of Jorja with the letters L-O-V-E but she was having none of that. So, Jenn got smart and turned her around and let her cry while she still shot the letters from behind... and it turned out pretty darn cute. 


Leah said...

The pictures are sooo great! She did do an awesome job.I wish that my husband would smile in some family pictures.She is so stinking cute- can she be Jack's girlfriend? They both have gorgeous blue eyes! See yall in a couple of weeks....

Beverly Courrege said...

"Back in the day" 31 years ago, my own "JJ" had cute rolls. The church nursery told me I was abusing her with food..:( ..... :) my "JJ" is now almost 32 yrs old, 5'9" and size 4!
YOUR JJ is sooooooooooo precious. My favorite Valentines iare the LOVE "backside" and "Daddy and his little girl". Great Photograpy, Studio G!
The blog is a LOVELY idea, Becky to help ye old boomer AARPers adjust to the 21st Century!
Love, Bev