Is this considered CRAWLING?? If you ask me, YES!

So what's funny is that I just posted yesterday about Jorja turning 9 mos. and how I was concerned that she wasn't crawling.  And to be honest, I had pretty much made up in my mind that she was going to go straight to walking but, low and behold, out of NO WHERE she starts to do this today...
Now, I don't know - some of you may not call this crawling because she isn't technically on all fours and flying across the living room but I don't really care what you think (actually, if you know me at all you know I care what everyone thinks - haha) but, I'm a proud Momma and say my girl hit another milestone today and praise the Lord I was there to see it! However, I think after watching the video you will notice that the Dr. was right - that belly is quite a hinderance - it could be a while before she lifts that thing off the floor. HA! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Absolutely hilarious!! Hey - So precious- Hey whatever- crawling or scoop roll on the tummy- She made it to the cup! :)

The Milfords: said...

Ha ha! I love the ooching across the floor. When you can't lift it, drag it.

I would have considered it crawling as well. Or at the very least, Army crawling.

gigi said...

Love it, love it, love it.
Also I have the same advice as others for finger foods anything soft and small. She's a honey!
24lbs!!! She will be "off the charts" in many ways I'm quite sure. She will drop some weight when she crawls more and then walks, but you will be running yourself from the looks of things.
So enjoy the pictures!

Jenn said...

looks like crawling to me! she will get the hang of it no time!