Jorja's Room

Well, I guess I'll start with the one place Jorja spends A LOT of her time - her bedroom! Between all the diaper changes - oh my, with all the diaper changes - and SLEEP, Jorja spends majority of her day in here! We are SO blessed to have amazing talent in our family. Shane's mom and grandmother made ALL the bedding, the mobile, and the laundry hamper themselves. All of it is simply gorgeous! I was so picky with what I wanted for her bedding so I decided I would have her bedding specially made and when the lady priced it out she was going to charge me over $800! I mean, Jorja is worth every penny but I wasn't about to pay that for a sheet, bedskirt, bumper and blanket - you MUST have me confused! SO, Shane's mom and 80 year old grandmother decided they had the skills to make the bedding I wanted - and boy did they ever!!! Not only is the bedding EXACTLY what I wanted and I didn't have to dip into Jorja's college fund to pay for it but I now have something extremely sentimental for Jorja! 

The Letter "J" pillow is from the makers of the letter "E" pillow on FRIENDS (the one in Joey and Rachel's apt for Emma) SO FUN!! Thanks, Anne for this awesome gift! :) 

Shane so thrilled to paint the nursery by himself - he wouldn't let me help since I was preggers! 
                              Shane and our friend Ben setting up the crib
Shane and our friend Jason (Duff) unpacking the furniture boxes
Here is MORE talent in the family. Shane's stepmom, Christie hand painted all the flowers and garland on Jorja's wall. It was the perfect added touch to her room that makes it look like it came out of a magazine.

Shane & I posing by the bed after we put the bedding in for the very first time. 

Jorja Mae's Name Banner - my friend Morgan's mom hand painted this for me. I LOVE it!!
The Rocking Chair

The Armoire
The Changing Table and Dresser