The Day that changed my life forever!

Throughout my pregnancy it was very obvious that Jorja was going to be an overachiever. I started to show at about 10 weeks and was asked by about every third person I came in contact with "are you having twins?" Yup - I was big because Jorja was big. By my 30 week appointment she was already almost 6 pounds. At that point the Dr. and I started talking about inducing. The date changed several times but we finally decided upon Monday, July 23rd. However, I actually had to check into the hospital on Sunday because I was only dilated to a 1 which meant I needed to come in early to get my cervix "ripened" overnight - and yes, I realize this was too much info for some of you. So what do you do the weekend before you know the rest of your life is about to be changed? How do you spend the last weekend as a married couple alone? Well... I don't know what you do but Shane & I chilled out, went grocery shopping to stock up the house for the next few weeks since we knew we weren't getting out much and packed my bags... however, I use the term "chilled out" very loosely - outside we were cool chillin - on the inside I was FREAKING OUT - I mean, hello! I am about to push a very large baby out of my body and she will be in my life for a LONG TIME. I was seriously FREAKING OUT! Anyway, so Sunday rolls around and we have to check into the hospital between 4pm & 6pm. Well, when I woke up that day I took a shower and shaved my legs - figured that was pretty important considering the circumstances, and then we went on a mad hunt for a baby book. Yup, after 8 months of pregnancy I STILL had no baby book (have I mentioned I'm a procrastinator yet?) and I knew while I was in the hospital I would want the nurses to take hand and feet prints of Jorja so I HAD to find one THAT day. We looked everywhere and finally found one at around 2 or 3pm. I was being so ridiculous about that dad-gum baby book but Shane was a trooper and took me around to at least 10 different stores before settling in on the one I wanted. I had so many plans for that day one of which was to go and get a pedicure... well, by the time we found the baby book I knew I would be cutting it close to make it to the hospital by the time we had planned to get there but I REALLY wanted to get one. For several reasons - 1. I was hoping it would help to dilate me more so that I wouldn't have to be "ripened" 2. I needed some "me time" because I knew it would be the last "me time" for quite some time 3. I knew on this special day there were going to be many areas of my body "exposed" I wanted at least one of them to be pretty! HA! :) So anyway, here we are about 2 hours away from needing to be at the hospital and I start BAWLING - I mean seriously bawling because I wasn't going to be able to get my pedicure... the ONE thing I had my heart set on doing that day! I was a complete basket case about the whole thing. Poor Shane had to put up with me crying about my freaking toes not being painted for at least an hour and a half... basically until we got to the hospital. We even had to stop on the way to the hospital to take Fezzik (our yorkie dog) to my in-laws and we walked in and they took one look at me and saw I had been crying (of course assuming I was nervous about giving birth the next day) and said "it's going to be fine, Becky you have nothing to worry about". I said, "I know, but my toes aren't done." And of course immediately began crying again. Seriously? Oh, the ridiculous hormones of a pregnant woman! :) We finally arrived at the hospital around 5ish and they wasted no time in getting me ripe. HA! Then we waited... later that night some of our best friends came to the hospital with Wendy's for dinner and we played some of my favorite games: Clue and Phase 10 - which, by the way, I won! I was practically the only patient in the maternity wing so we were able to get pretty loud and rambunctious - the nurses definitely enjoyed us... Since I knew I had a long day ahead of me and I needed my rest they all left around 10. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night - partly due to the fact that I was extremely uncomfortable being hooked up to several different machines and IVs and partly due to the fact that I was extremely excited and nervous! Everything started taking place around 7am. By the time I woke up I was properly ripe and dilated 3 cm. We were ready to start the induction! I was given some antibiotics through my IV which was administered every 4 hours (I was positive for being a carrier of some virus that is harmful to the baby in delivery so they administered antibiotics to make sure I didn't pass anything on). My Dr. came in around 8am to break my water and started me on the Pitocin. He told me I could start my epidural at anytime... but I felt it was better for me to wait it out for a bit. Why I have no idea but I did... However, it was not long after my Dr. left that my contractions started... and boy did they start. I suffered the absolute worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life, thus far for about 2 1/2 hours. At which point I was hysterical and crying. Finally I looked at Shane and said "will you think I'm a wimp if I go ahead and have the epidural" and of course, him being a very smart man he is, said "honey, there is no way I will think you are a wimp you are giving birth to our baby." About 15 minutes later my hero walked through the door and gave me the epidural - during which I had 2 MAJOR contractions and wasn't allowed to even move during them for fear I would paralyze myself forever - that could have been the worst part of my entire labor and delivery. seriously. After that - I was feeling G-O-O-D! I progressed very nicely in my labor and was dilating very quickly. In fact, the Dr. came in around noonish and I was at a 6. Shane left to go eat lunch in the waiting room with our friends and family and within 30 minutes I went from a 6 to a 9. I texted him and told him and came RUNNING into the room, mouth full of chick-fil-a, freaking out that I was about to push the baby out right then and there. But, it was about another hour before the nurse - whom, by the way was named Vivian Banks - yes, just like Fresh Prince - hilarious! :) came in and said we are about to get ready to push! By this time it was about 1:30pm. Shane asked her if we could hang on for a second while he ran to the waiting room to let everyone know I was about to push and to give our moms the notes I wrote revealing Jorja Mae's name for the first time! The notes explained why and how she was named after them. (My mom's name is Georgia and Shane's mom's middle name is Mae). At about 1:45pm I started pushing (and texting my family and friends - yes, it is a big joke amongst them that in-between pushes I updated everyone through texts - oh, the joys of technology) and Jorja Mae was born at 2:44pm! The most beautiful baby girl in the world. The second we heard her cry Shane and I both began to cry and praising Jesus. What an amazing experience. The delivery was quick, with no complications, and at the time was virtually painless (praise the Lord for the invention of the epidural) although I won't talk about what I felt once the meds wore off. I was in all kinds of pain for MANY weeks to come... did I mention Jorja was 8 lbs, 5 oz - and she was 3 weeks early?!?! Anyway, we had so many friends and family come to visit us in the hospital that I felt so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for my life. I am so incredibly blessed. God is so good. Now, if you've stuck around this long to read all of this - you are awesome! Sorry this was so long. Here are some pics from the day that changed mine and Shane's life forever! 

Me 7 days before Jorja was born:
The night before Jorja was born with our amazing friends that brought us dinner and played games:
Jorja Mae is here!! Her first picture! (don't look too closely at my half-painted toes! HA!):
Jorja maybe an hour after birth - she seemed so little and was so perfectly pink!: 
Me, Shane and Jorja later on that day - Shane looks so proud and I look so exhausted (and fat):
Isn't she perfect? She's wearing a monogrammed hat my sister Blynda got for her - she was the only one who knew Jorja's name ahead of time...:

This is the next morning. One of my most favorite pictures of me and her.:
Going Home: 


Anonymous said...

I love this story!! O- I went through everything you felt!! It is so amazing- the good and the bad. Love you girl!

Jenn said...

That was the LONGEST post ever. But what a great story! She looks so different now! I can't believe she's growing so fast!

Kristen said...

I have to admit, I teared up reading this. What a joy! Childbirth is so amazing and painful at the same time. I agree. Praise God for epidurals. I wish I could have been there with you. I love you girlfriend.