Birth Announcement & Photo Shoot with Rachel Wilks Photography

One of my best friends and college roommate, Rachel Wilks, is in the early stages of pursuing a career as a photographer - and she is absolutely incredible. Right after Jorja turned one month she came over to our house for about 3 hours to try and capture as many pictures as she could for us to use for our birth announcement. While she was taking some of our maternity pictures we were talking about our birth announcement and she showed us one of a friend of hers that had a naked picture of the baby. We began joking about how awesome it would be if we did an announcement that wasn't "traditional". We got the awesome idea to take the naked picture of Jorja and photoshop a tattoo on her rear. We wanted it to be a heart and arrow with DAD written in it... we had such a great time laughing about all the crazy things we could do for the announcement! But, after thinking about it Shane and I began to get serious about it. So, we called on Rachel to get the job done. Unfortunately, photoshopping a tattoo on Jorja was a little harder than we realized and it didn't quite work out. But, in reality, it is probably best because Rachel designed a Birth Announcement for us that was beyond my wildest dreams. She worked on our announcement for MANY countless hours. It turned out so awesome and classy - not that a naked picture of Jorja with a tattoo on her rear isn't classy but... you know!?! HA! Anyway, here are some pics from the photo shoot - oh, and the AMAZING announcement. Enjoy! 

This is an awesome and furry diaper cover a good friend of mine gave me. It was too awesome to not take pictures of Jorja in.  
I had to at least put a crying picture in here. I'm beginning to learn it won't be an official photo shoot of Jorja if she isn't crying in at least a few shots. poor thing - she needs to learn to be more like her mom... when the camera comes near - SMILE & POSE! 

This is the dress I came home from the hospital in. My mom really wanted me to get pictures of Jorja in this dress... but, Jorja wasn't the biggest fan of the lacy yellow dress from '78. This was the best picture we could get with her in the dress. 
Can you picture the tattoo?? Maybe even a pack of cigs on the side? HA! 

Oh my gosh! Her feet are one of my most favorite parts of her body. They are ADORABLE. And look EXACTLY like her daddy's. 


The Milfords: said...

Ha ha! I am so glad you are on here! Yeah! When are we going to get together?

Georgia said...

I found your blog through Ashley Milford. I have to laugh, my name is Georgia Kaye. Your daughter is beautiful! I think my favorite part of the baby's body are the feet, too!