Top O' the Mornin to You!

I think it's funny how a holiday like St. Patrick's Day was once a holiday I could care less about to now being a holiday I spent weeks trying to plan for! Jorja makes all the little things so much bigger and better! :) I searched for the most festive shirt I could find for Jorja, went to a million stores before finding a shamrock cookie cutter, made Shane help me make sugar cookies from scratch that took 2 days to make, cut & cook, made up my very own spinach dip recipe, put on my own green shirt and headed over to Playgroup full of {green} food, friends and fun! Some of the girls I met through an online playgroup have joined together to make our own Playgroup that meets EVERY Tuesday and as the luck of the Irish would have it, St. Patty's Day landed on Tuesday! Whoot Whoo! Jorja & I brought cookies for all the kids to decorate & spinach dip for everyone to eat. The kids played & the moms talked and fun was had by all - if only we would have discovered a pot of gold, now THAT would have been lucky! :)

My sweet little Lassie and her "cheese" face! Someone Kiss this girl, she IS {part} Irish!! :)

The Group in our Green! Notice all the moms are looking at the camera but all the kids are looking up at the TV screen on the wall. We had to do something to get them to all sit still! :)

I made all the kids Green Shamrock Cookies to decorate and I think it was a hit... at least with Jorja anyway! :) She loved sneaking tastes of the icing, shaking on the sprinkles and then of course eating the actual cookie! So fun!

Mom & Jorja having fun decorating cookies and celebrating St. Patty's Day!

And it wouldn't be a play date without a picture of the "love birds"! Jorja was apparently wanting to snuggle and Cole was more interested in his truck. And so it begins... Boys!

This is Jorja hanging w/ the boys - Nathan, Cole & Keagan! Sweet little Nathan was wanting to snuggle with her but I'm not sure she was all that excited about it - maybe she was still upset that Cole didn't return the snuggle first! HA!

Just wanted to show you her adorable St. Patty's Day shirt!! Deep down she knows Daddy is the ONLY guy for her! :)

I mean, seriously - how adorable is she?!?! LOVE.HER!


gigi said...

Love that she looks so Irish...doesn't her hair look red in your pictures...so Irish.
Cute, cute, cute! The McGee's would be proud!

The Durham's said...

Ok, so I want to throw up at how cute your blog is!! I got the absolute pleasure of meeting your sister a few days ago and I love her!! She is so sweet and talks so highly of you guys:) I just wanted to you to know I think of you often and would LOVE to see you!! Will you be at Pink?

Jenn said...

Love these pics! So fun and CUTE!!