These are a few of my favorite things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?? Not quite Jorja's favorite things but close, I'm sure! :) My friend Jenn was having a fun little contest where we were supposed to submit pictures of our kids w/ their favorite things or doing their favorite things and here's just a FEW of Jorja's favorites that I submitted for the contest. I actually took SO many more pictures than this but I'm not all that Photoshop savvy yet and it was taking me forever to put things together so here's 5 of her favorite things in the list of MANY!

It is almost a daily occurrence that Jorja will go to the front door and look out the window and say over and over "oside" (outside). That girl loves to be outside - riding in the wagon {which I didn't put on here but she LOVES that thing}, sliding down slides, swinging, chasing Fezzik around and just running wild! Spring and summer can't get here soon enough!!

Ever since Jorja was about a month old she has been a thumb sucker. Once she discovered her thumb she would no longer take a pacifier. I thought it was so great. A self soother! Perfect. And for the first year & a half of her life it was perfect as I was able to hold her off on sucking her thumb until it was "night night" time - and night night time only. But for some reason, just within the last month, she has begun to want to suck her thumb ALL THE TIME!! I remember thinking a few months ago how I wanted her to have a "lovey" that she slept with and cuddled with and found "security" in {cause I always thought that was just so cute}... and one day she discovered "Bear" {very original name, by they way} and from then on her, bear and that thumb have been BFF & inseparable! I'm sure I should be working harder at trying to break her of this habit {especially knowing how long her mom sucked her thumb - YIKES!} but, I just think she is too adorable. She sucks her thumb and grabs on to Bear's ear with the same hand while stroking it's fur with the other hand. It's just too darn cute so for now - we are breaking all the rules!

A few years ago Shane & I went to Disney World and bought a big Mickey doll not even realizing 3 years later we would have the most precious girl in the world fall in love with him. We've already had to have Nannie sew him up as she's played with him so much his stuffing started to come out! She loves her Mickey and mom and dad are just counting down the days until she's old enough to go with us to Disney World! ;) I blame her other obsession solely on the Lankfords. Before going to visit them in January, Jorja had never even seen an episode of Sesame Street nor did she really care about Elmo and she'd never even heard of Abby. Well, she spent 4 days with Hadleigh and Isaac {who watch SS every morning and have 4 Elmo dolls} and got completely hooked. Hadleigh & Isaac gave Jorja her very own Abby doll before we left and I went around town searching for a similar Elmo doll! Now guess what we do every morning? You got it - spend time watching Jorja's new BFF's - "Elmo & Abby"!

I love that Jorja already has a love for the "arts". She loves to draw on her doodle board and the crayons and coloring books are left out all the time now that Jorja has a table & chairs to sit at and color. {Look how great she holds the crayon - she's such a big girl}. But more than her love of drawing and coloring is her love of reading. Jorja LOVES to sit in her chair or in our laps and plop down with a good book or two. She even knows all her favorite books by name. I can tell her to go get a particular book off the shelf and she will go over and get the right one every time. She's such a little smarty! Her vocabulary is OUT OF THIS WORLD and I want to thank her love of reading for it all! I should also point out that her favorite book to read is The Bible {pictured} and there isn't anything that makes me happier than to know that already God is preparing my sweet little girl to love His Word and hide it in her heart!

And to save the best and most favorite thing for last - Jorja's most favorite is her DADDY!! She can't get enough of him. She gets giddy the second she hears the garage door go up at 5:30pm cause she knows the man of her dreams is about to walk through the door. She starts bouncing up and down, running around in circles and laughing all the while saying "dada". Once he gets home she hardly wants anything to do with me and it's all about "dada". She loves to cook with him, cuddle with him, play with his hats, play with his beard, give him kisses - if Daddy is involved she wants to be a part of it. They have definitely stolen eachother's hearts and she will forever and always be Daddy's Little Girl.


Katie said...

What a GREAT post...I won't take it personally that there wasn't a pic of Cole as one of her favorite things ;) Jorja is such a cutie and I love the one of her coloring!

BloggingSmez.com said...

Too stinkin' cute! she's such a doll! Now you need to do - Becky's 5 favorite things.

The Durham's said...

Too cute!! You are a pro with photoshop:) I'm toally impressed:)
How are you guys?

Katie said...

BECKY!! your blog looks awesome!@!!!!!!