Long Overdue - Fall Festival

I know, I know - we JUST celebrated Thanksgiving and I'm just NOW posting pictures of our Fall Festival. What can I say?? My sweet girl has been keeping me so busy I don't have time to update - SORRY!!! At any rate, on Tuesday Oct. 28th our church, Gateway, had it's annual Fall Festival out at Dragon Stadium in Southlake. It was A-MAZING!! They estimate almost 20,000 people came through there throughout the course of the night. UNBELIEVABLE! To say that our church goes ALL OUT would be a complete understatement. They had a petting zoo, pony rides, bounce houses GALORE - some with zip lines, some with giant slides, some large, some small - tons of games, Chick-fil-A, Cici's Pizza, BBQ, and they even had an area designated special for kiddos Jorja's age called "Tyke Town". We had SUCH a great time!! I took Jorja last year when she was only 4 months old and while she was the MOST adorable Chicken known to man (see pic below) she wasn't able to do anything but let me hold her while we walked around - and I'm pretty sure I remember her falling asleep about 30 minutes into the night. SO, needless to say I was SUPER pumped that Jorja would be able to enjoy the Festival much more than she did the year before.

However, I was a bit nervous about the costume as everytime we'd try it on at the house this was her reaction...

What it is even better is that the hood on her costume says "Bee Happy"... umm... not so much! HA!

Luckily, once we got to the stadium and she saw the Festival in all it's glory - and noticed all the other kids in their costumes - and of course, realized how many people were commenting on how cute she was - she perked right up and was all smiles the whole night!! YIPPEE!!

Here's the Queen Bee & her Drones... :)
Entering the Festival - and yes, I put a bow on her hood so people would know she was a girl!! :)

This is actually Jorja dancing to the music playing in Tyke Town - it was adorable watching her shake that big ol' belly!!

My sister and her family came to the Festival as well and we made sure to meet up with them at the gate so Evie & Jorja could hang out. We didn't know what each other had used for costumes but I think the flower & the bee go perfect with each other!! Aren't they just so SWEET & CUTE?!?!
And here is my BUSY LITTLE BEE at Tyke Town. She would hardly look up for a picture! She had SUCH a great time and so did we!!!

Unfortunately the thing Jorja had the most fun playing on I don't have any pictures of because it was too dark and we were going too fast!! What she loved most was the HUGE bounce house slide! She made me climb up that thing FOUR times (and would have gone 100 more had I not almost passed out)! I huffed & puffed climbing that slide while carrying her in one arm (remember she's 30 lbs PLUS had on that huge BEE outfit) and hanging on for dear life with the other. We'd get to the top, I'd put her in between my legs and we'd both yell "wee" all the way down. The second we stopped she'd immediately yell "'gin" (again) over and over until I climbed my happy rear up that thing AGAIN!! When I got home I had a HUGE bruise on my knee from using it for leverage as I climbed up the steep steps of that bounce house. I SO wish I had pictures so you could understand how big this thing was - and so you could see how happy it made Jorja! Oh, the things we do as mothers to make our children happy... and I'm sure I'll be doing it again next year, bruises and all!! I can't wait! :)

Jorja at Gateway's Fall Festival in 2007


Tawny and Kya said...

You aren't kidding, she was the cutest chicken I've ever seen! However, the bee is just to die for! That stomach just kills me!!!!
Okay, I am officially jealous of your church! That is incredible!