Fun at the Park

One of our new favorite things is to go and play at the Park. Jorja absolutely LOVES being outside and now that it is fall we are able to go and it isn't quite as scorching hot as it was in the summer. I definitely find it much more enjoyable! :) I'd found several small playgrounds near our house that I took her to a few times and then I found the mother of all parks in Frisco and I love taking her there! I know there are probably other parks that might be better but this one is SO close and SO big and SO fun! We love it!! They have a huge playground area as well as a long trail that takes you by a pond and everything. I love taking Jorja and having a picnic by the water and then heading to the play ground for some serious play time. So fun! What a blessing that I get to stay home with her and enjoys these fun fall days! :) Jorja really enjoys swinging in the toddler/infant swing and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to slide. I still find myself pretty paranoid about her sliding because she hasn't quite learned to sit up the whole time and I'm afraid she's going to bang her head on the slide - so I stay pretty close while she slides but she enjoys it nonetheless! One night our group of friends that we spend almost every weekend with decided we would go get ice cream and play with Jorja at the park I found in Frisco. I'm not sure who had more fun - the adults pretending to be kids or the actual kid! :) We had SO much fun and I love that Jorja has some "aunts & uncles" that enjoy spending time with her as much as we do! And because I didn't have to watch Jorja's head while she slid I was actually able to get some great pics of her sliding - you will see from those pics just how much Jorja enjoys the slide! (And be sure you click on them to enlarge them so you can see her face - she is full of laughs & smiles - SO CUTE! although, I forgot to adjust the red eye. whoops!) There are a ton of pics here (and I cut out SO many more than I posted) but, we've been having so much fun it was hard to narrow them down. I hope you enjoy!

Sweet Pics w/ Mom & Dad

I love that she loves to wear her shades while playing. She's such a cutie!!

She's trying to climb up the slide - she couldn't get enough! / This is on one of our picnics - I had put my sunglasses on top of my head for just a bit so Jorja quickly put her glasses on top of her head. I love how she tries to imitate me - melts my heart that she likes to be like her momma! :)
On our picnic I kept trying to get pictures of her but she always had food in her mouth. no surprise there! :) / this was a different type of swing and it had no way to strap her in - she wasn't sure about it and neither was I because she kept leaning forward and I was fearful she'd fall out!

Jorja was a little bit small to fully enjoy the rocking horse to its full potential but she loved standing next to it and trying to ride.

This was the night we went with all our friends to the park. She's a bit more dressed up than a normal trip to the park because we had just come from Church and weren't expecting to go out and play. But, it made for cute pictures! :)


The Gang - what a great group of friends we have.


Katie said...

She is just such a diva in her pink sunglasses! So cute! I love those curls!! We had so much fun with you guys today!! See you soon...

Kristen said...

This makes me think of the old days when we would all pack up and go to the park after church and just hang out. Those were such fun days!

Jenn said...

So fun! I am sooooooo MAD, speaking of slides! Hadleigh loves them also. We went to the park and I had so many videos of her climbing the stairs and sliding down ALL by herself and I DELETED them!! AAAAGGGHHH! Some photographer I am! So good to see you girls this weekend! Missed Jorja though!

The Durham's said...

Yall are so precious and I LOVE the new picture of Jorja:) Thanks for your prayers! Bless yall!

Tawny said...

Oh, I just LOVE those pictures! She is too stinkin' cute on that slide. I think if I'm ever just having a bad day, I'll look at those, they made me smile!
So, yeah...I'm totally jealous of your park so close!