Sweet Cousins

A few weeks ago my sister called and asked for a "huge favor"... she was shooting a video in Plano and desperately needed someone to watch her youngest daughter, Evelyn (we often call her Evie). I was thrilled to jump at the opportunity as I know Evie ADORES Jorja! And now that Jorja is walking and is a bit older I felt they might actually be able to play WITH each other and I just felt it would be a good time for Jorja to spend some time with her cousin. I actually had a great time watching Evelyn and seeing the two of them interact - Jorja definitely wasn't too sure how she felt about someone else playing with her toys or getting her mommy's attention but overall she played VERY well with Evie. What I loved, since Evie is a bit older than Jorja (1 yr & 4 months older) - she took on the "big sister" role and tried to teach Jorja how to play with her toys and do things differently - thanks to Evie, Jorja plays with that crazy ball popper ALL THE TIME! :) And what I really loved is when I was trying to take a million pictures of them and Jorja would not pay attention to me AT ALL - Evie kept telling her to "listen to your mommy, Jorja" - it was AWESOME. My sister is such an AMAZING mom and I try so hard to learn from her and watch what she does because I think the fruit of her labor is seen in her 3 precious and amazing children. Spending a day with Evie made me realize that much more just how amazing of a mom my sister really is - Evie was PERFECT!!! The girls played and rode in the wagon and had a great day together. I can't wait for them to spend more time together and be the BEST of FRIENDS!! Here are some pics from our day together - as you will see, Evie was great at posing for the camera... Jorja - not so much! :)

Fun outside in the wagon!!

Evie teaching Jorja how to really play with the Ball Popper
Jorja playing by herself w/ the Ball Popper while Evie played in the Excersauser
Jorja intently watching what Evie was doing / Evie being silly and cute!


The Durham's said...

This is really sweet! Cute pics:)