Labor Day Weekend Fun!!

Have I mentioned before that Jorja loves to swim and play in the sand?? Well, since that is one of our favorite things to do together I decided we better get Daddy and head over to the pool before it closes until next summer. The "Beach Club" in McKinney is one of our favorite places to go and the last day it was open was Labor Day so us and Nannie headed up there for one last dip in the water! It was the first time Shane was able to go with us (since he wasn't working) and Jorja LOVED for him to be there. She just kept saying "dada" over and over to make sure he was as close to her as possible! I loved watching them play together. The pool has a fun "sprinkler" area as well and now that Jorja is walking I thought it would be fun for her to go over there and play. She wasn't too thrilled with all the water splashing her in the face but she did really enjoy the slide so we went on that SEVERAL times! It was SUCH a fun day, full of fun memories with the 3 of us together in the water for the first time!

One of my favorite pics of us - ever! I love it!

Mom & Dad with The Sweet Girl getting ready to swim!

Jorja playing "fetch" with Daddy - Mom & Jorja on the slide

I don't typically post things of just Shane and myself but since we are talking about Labor Day I thought I'd show what Shane & I did while Jorja spent some time with her grandparents. Oh, yeah - we went BOWLING with some of our closest and bestest friends!!! It was SO much fun!!

Speaking of Nannie & Papa Huey... back at the beginning of August they took Jorja and me back to "The Beach" for some fun time in the sun! I wasn't able to post the pics because quickly after this fun day is when Jorja got SO sick and I was so wrapped up in it that I forgot to post these pics. Jorja absolutely LOVES hanging with "nana" and "papa" (as she calls them since she can't quite say "nannie" and "papa huey" fully yet) and they LOVE hanging out with her. We all had a great time digging in the sand, burying Papa's feet, swimming in the turtle and trying to walk through the "sprinklers" (she couldn't really walk by this time so she needed my help). It was definitely a fun day for all! Thanks, Nannie & Papa for always being so willing to watch Jorja at the drop of a hat so Shane & I can still have date nights, hang out with friends, and just get some peace & quiet. We owe you guys BIG time!!

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Nannie said...

We love to help out with Jorja when we can. She has been such a blessing to us both. She keeps us laughing all the time. We are always using her words around the house now when we talk. We thank you both for trusting us with your special little girl. We love you all so much. The Lord continues to bless us all.


Kristen said...

Girlfriend, I have to say that your "mom suit" totally made my day! What happened to our little 2 piece cute suits? So long friends of the past! Time to move on to bigger things (pardon the pun!).