Oh Tiddlywinks!!

To continue on with our "Quote of the Day by Jorja Mae"... Jorja has just recently started using a word that she, no doubt, learned from her favorite friends at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I think it is the CUTEST. THING. EVER!!!
The first time she said it I did a double-take because it's just not something a normal 2 1/2 year old says. I think I make her say it about 10 times a day because it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. Not just because she says it in her precious {still trying to learn English} voice but also because she makes the same facial expression every time and it is PRICELESS. Since simply typing about it wouldn't have near the same effect, I videoed Jorja saying the word. It may just be me but I think this is cuteness at it's core.

I couldn't decide which video was better - and by better, I mean cuter - so I posted both. ENJOY!!!


Morgan Rae said...

AGREED! Cutest thing ever! Please make her say it on Saturday. Can't wait to see you both! BTW, is Shane coming?

Jennifer said...

That is way cute!!! ANd her expression is priceless--agreed!

Jenn said...