Ready? Set. BOWL!

A few weeks ago our play group decided we would take the kiddos bowling. Now, I have to tell you, I was EXTREMELY excited about this because not only do I love to bowl now but my own childhood memories are chalked full of nights spent at the bowling alley! My parents were in a bowling league when I was growing up and I have many memories of hanging out at the very smokey and (ahem!) white trash Brunswick Bowling Alley in Lubbock, TX. I spent many nights in the day care and just hanging out talking with my parents friends - I learned magic tricks from their friends and I even remember some nights learning cheers from one of my parent's friends who eventually became my cheer leading coach in HS. She says I even did cartwheels down the lanes but I'm not sure I totally remember that! (wink, wink)! :) I also remember when I was in early elementary I actually joined a bowling league for the summer. The first day I was the only one who scored a... wait for it... big fat ZERO! How does someone grow up in the bowling alley and the first day of your own bowling league only throw gutter balls?!? Seriously?? That incident only scarred me for a little bit because I still have a quite a bit of white trash love for the sport of bowling! :) But, enough about me - you are here to read about Jorja...


Jorja was really excited to bowl and couldn't wait to get started. In fact, she really never even wanted to take turns with her friends - she couldn't understand why she got to bowl twice then wait forever to do it again. However, I do actually think more than the rolling the ball down the lane and knocking over the pins, she was really excited about carrying around the bowling balls. The balls we played with were 5lb balls and while it scared me the whole time that she would drop it on her foot, she did awesome picking it up and bowling with it! 

Of course, in the beginning, I had to help her just a bit to share my vast knowledge of & enthusiasm for the sport but she quickly got the hang of things! ;)

Towards about the 7th frame I think Jorja was a bit over bowling and ready to go play in the game area. Therefore, I had to help her get re-focused so we could go out with a bang. So, in the 10th frame, we decided that Bear (Jorja's lovey that goes everywhere with her) should help her bowl. And would you believe that in the 10th frame Jorja got her first SPARE?!? I'm thinking Bear may be lucky! (and sure, I was in like 4th grade and only bowling gutter balls and she's 2 1/2 and bowling spares - go figure) :)

And it wouldn't be a play date if Jorja and her BFF, Cole didn't have some quality time together!
 They followed each other around the game area for a while and my favorite was their motorcycle ride: I'm thinking maybe Cole was driving that motorcycle a bit too fast for Jorja?! HA!
(How adorable is Cole in this picture?? He so loves Jorja and while you can't tell from this picture, she really does love him too!) :)

And I just had to post this because I couldn't get over how stinkin adorable Jorja was in these itty bitty {not-so-little size 9} bowling shoes!!! 

I'm thinking our first bowling experience was a success and I can't wait to make even more fun bowling memories but now with Jorja!


Jenn said...

So fun! Great pics Beck.

Molly said...

JORJA! Tell your mommy that the new design looks great but what the blog needs is more Jorja & her fabulousness updates :P

LOVE the bowling pics Becky!