Happy Noon Year!!

I know, I know! Shocker of all Shockers - I'm actually posting a blog! I won't bore you with any excuses as to why I took an unintentional hiatus nor will I promise that I'm back in full swing! :) We'll just take this one post at a time and see how it goes, okay? I am overwhelmed with all the catching up I must do so in order to help myself out, I'm just starting with the New Year and will post moving forward and when I have time, I will back track! So, here ya go:

happy NOON year

Jorja & I, along with about 20 other moms and kiddos, were invited to our first NOON year party on New Year's Eve. There was utter chaos happening in that place but it was OH. SO. FUN! I can't wait to make it a tradition every New Year's Eve. Since all of our sweet kiddos wouldn't make until midnight to ring in the New Year, we decided 12 noon would work just as great. So, we counted down and when the clock struck noon we blew our horns and partied like it was 1999. I'm pretty sure Jorja was completely oblivious as to WHY we were celebrating but any excuse for her to wear a "crown" and any excuse for me to hang out with super fun moms - we'll take it! :) Of course, ringing in the New Year just wouldn't be the same if Jorja didn't spend it with her BFF, Cole. Here are a few pics of how they rung in the New Year together...

It all started out very cordial:
(check out Cole with his hand on J's leg) :)

and very quickly turned into this:

we aren't really sure what happened to Cole but something got him VERY upset.
Which, of course, then led to

I'm sorry - but THAT is funny!! Every time I see these pictures I CRACK. UP. LAUGHING.

And here is the best group shot I could find:

(notice Jorja has calmed down but is now sucking her thumb and holding Bear. Apparently the meltdown & all the excitement was just TOO much for her to handle on her own)


Rebecca said...

I LOVE that your daughter starts crying, you do nothing to comfort her, but you keep snapping pictures. Outstanding. In case that wasn't enough. You post them for all to see. Love it!!

Jenn said...


Morgan Rae said...

i posted on your blog on facebook but wanted to leave you a post on here as well!!! ;) I'm so happy you blogged!!!!!! love you friend!

Katie said...

Welcome back friend! So much fun getting to celebrate and I'm dying at those pictures...still!!! PS How did you get a group shot on that lense???