The Birthday Bash!

Jorja's Birthday Party took place at the McKinney Stonebridge Beach Club on Saturday, July 26th. It was about 104 degrees outside that day but luckily the swimming pool was close and cool! :) We had about 50 of some of our closest friends and family at the party and feel SO blessed by everyone that was there! I tend to have big expectations for many things in my life and was a little worried at first that the party wouldn't meet my expectations but, I think it met and exceeded them. It was wonderful! We grilled hotdogs, went swimming, had lots of cake and good conversations and opened a ton of gifts (which I still have not found a place for in my home, my goodness our house is turning into one big play room) :) All in all it was a great way to celebrate my sweet Jorja Mae turning 1. Here's a few highlights:

The Proud Parents of a One Year Old!

Birthday Princess
Jorja's Smash Cake - it was banana flavored because we were afraid she wouldn't eat it and since we know she LOVES bananas we thought it might get her to dive in...
While we sing "Happy Birthday" Jorja eyes the cake - or maybe the flame on the candle (which, by the way, she tried to put out with her fingers instead of blowing it out...yikes!)
So maybe the banana flavor didn't make a difference...
Nope, it did! She LOVES it. In fact, she ate almost the entire thing. Seriously!
Sweet Princess doing her "wave" while munching on her cake! :)
She had cake EVERYWHERE!
This picture was taken after we had eaten cake and opened presents and this is Jorja saying "Thank You" to everyone! So cute!
I just love that "little" belly! :) Here is Jorja in her new wagon that she absolutely LOVES! She's played in it everyday since she got it.


curtis03 Lewis said...

Such a cute post! I too liked that little belly of hers. My baby will also turn one this year and I am planning a grand celebration because my husband’s birthday is also on the same day. I have shortlisted some of the LA event venues and will soon finalize one for the day. I really enjoyed going through this post.